Strategic Plan

  2016 Strategic Plan pdf_small.gif

Annual Reports

Asian Media Access uses its Annual Reports for assessing the performance of the organization over the previous years in relation to its strategic and immediate goals. These reports typically consist of 3 sections:

a. Statistics – the Served Numbers with Brief Description of the populations and geographic areas served
b. Brief Description of the Multimedia Products
c. Accomplishments Program Activity Report

pdf_small.gif  FY16 (July ’15 – June ’16)

pdf_small.gif  FY15 (July ’14 – June ’15)

pdf_small.gif  FY14 (July ’13 – June ’14)

pdf_small.gif  FY13 (July ’12 – June ’13)

pdf_small.gif  FY12 (July ’11 – June ’12)

pdf_small.gif  FY11 (July ’10 – June ’11)

Annual Audit Report

Asian Media Access uses its Audit Report for assessing its financial health, and it will typically consist of following sections:

Income Statement – The income statement shows what money came in and where it went. The percentage of revenues going to salaries, G&A, management services and fund-raising expenses are presented for consideration.

a. Balance Sheet

b. Brief description of major programs with the costs of each major program

c. Brief description of fundraising and administrative costs

pdf_small.gif  2014-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2013-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2012-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2011-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2010-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2009-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2008-Audit

pdf_small.gif  2007-Audit

Other Administrative Documents

Other administrative and financial documents used for self evaluation and audits are posted here.

pdf_small.gif  2014-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2013-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2012-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2012-MN Charities Report

pdf_small.gif  2011-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2011-MN Charities Report

pdf_small.gif  2010-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2009-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2008-Form990

pdf_small.gif  2007-Form990