Image COVID-19 Info

Coronavirus Disease does not target specific people, places, or nations. The virus can affect any life and community. In efforts to educate and ensure safety, Asian Media Access (AMA) has provided a selection of sources, including the most credible and easy to understand materials for those with Asian, Pacific, and Spanish primary languages. This 27 language list of translated items is intended to inform individuals about the best-known health practices. We encourage people to visit this living document often to access these materials as a quick reference for the communities.

We acknowledge a multitude of languages but are limited to the available resources created for each language.

Please note that the list below is currently update as of April 10, 2020. But with things changing so fast, the linked resources may also become unavailable as they are updated.

  1. *Arabic عربي
  2. Bengali*  বাংলা/
  3. Burmese* ဗမ
  4. Traditional/Simplified Chinese* ​中文
  5. Chuukese
  6. Farsi/Persian
  7. Hindi* मानकहद○
  8. Hmong* Hmoob
  9. Ilocano
  10. Indonesian
  11. Japanese* ​日本語
  12. Karen* ကညဖ
  13. Khmer/Cambodian* ចកភពែខរ
  14. Korean* 한국어
  15. Lao*  ພາສາລາວ
  16. Marshallese
  17. Nepali*  नेपाल
  18. Palauan
  19. Panjabi/Punjabi پن􏰀جابی / ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
  20. Rohingya
  21. Samoan
  22. Spanish* español
  23. Tagalog/Filipino
  24. Thai* ภาษาไทย
  25. *Urdu اُرُدو
  26. Vietnamese* Tiếng Việt