Lights! Camera! ACTIVISM!

Working to promote Asian art and culture and meeting the media needs of Asian Americans in the Midwest through with Media Education for youth, Media Production for youth and our communities, and R.I.C.E.

Multimedia Education

This division consists of workforce training, after-school and summer programs offered to at risk youth, focusing on digital; multimedia arts and technology application/production.

This division aims at empowering Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and disadvantage youth through multimedia arts and information technology as well as increasing Asian representation in the media by highlighting the important role of media in today’s society. By exposing AAPI youth to multimedia and technology, the program encourages them to engage in public dialogues and take on leadership roles in the public sphere for the long-term harmony of the society.

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Multimedia Exhibition and Performance

AMA has been a pioneer in bringing in Asian films to American audiences. Our regular exhibition programs include “Cinema With Passion”; annual “Chinese Film Showcase”; “Asian Funniest Commercials”; and “Asian Children’s Film Festival”.

Utilizing film as a means to education and entertainment, Asian Media Access (AMA) has developed a variety of innovative outreach activities with Asian films. AMA’s Multimedia Exhibition Program aims at increasing cultural understanding and facilitating community expression and development.

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Multimedia Production

AMA has produced a variety of educational video and television programs. Through these productions, we bring to the communities important messages and inspiring discussion. Our past and current productions include, “East Meets West”; “Helping Youth Succeed”; “Compulsive Gambling Educational Video”; and various Public Education Media Campaigns.

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Multimedia Technology

Multimedia Technology is an important factor for our community building, which includes: AMAConnect, computer services at low cost for other non-profits; APA ComMNet, an internet-based network to connect community agencies in Minnesota to share information on the web in diverse Asian languages.

Asian Media Access has expanded the meaning of “CONNECTION,” with publicizing and distributing the educational materials and messages through internet. We have continued integrating from traditional one on one face-to-face contact; to broadcasting/cable-casting communication; to now both broadcasting through webs and narrow-casting through social media.

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R.I.C.E. (Reaching Immigrant with Care and Education)

RICE is a community/neighborhood development component of AMA. This division includes Economic Development opportunities, Financial Support services, and Ramen Ya transitional housing.

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