Multimedia Technology is an important factor for our community building, which includes: AMAConnect, computer services at low cost for other non-profits; APA ComMNet, an internet-based network to connect community agencies in Minnesota to share information on the web in diverse Asian languages.

Asian Media Access has expanded the meaning of “CONNECTION,” with publicizing and distributing the educational materials and messages through internet. We have continued integrating from traditional one on one face-to-face contact; to broadcasting/cable-casting communication; to now both broadcasting through webs and narrow-casting through social media. At this division, we have been working on 2 projects:

  • Asian Pacific American Community Network (APA ComMNet) multilingual web site
  • Youth In Charge Web Blog
  • Adventure Ahead – Inari Web Blog


AMAConnect APA ComMNet Youth In Charge Adventure Ahead

AMAConnect – Connects Your Organization to the World

Computer technology has exploded in the last decade, and Asian Media Access is taking its plunge, tail and all, into the world of digital media. Internet is the new media for information sharing and delivery, including advanced modes of communication, like audio and video. As the cost of the technology comes down, it becomes more accessible to organizations and individuals with limited budgets. AMA is not replacing the traditional media – video tape, film, radio, etc., but is adding Internet to expand content delivery.

Asian Media Access is a non-profit organization, and fully understands that many small, even some medium-sized non-profits, do not have the resources and/or the know-how to seize this technology. AMA has made a decision to invest in internet technology, and wants to share this knowledge with other non-profits that want to use technology to achieve their missions.

AMAConnect, the newly formed technology division of Asian Media Access, provides not only internal technical support to the organization, but is also offering services to other organizations. These services include training, network consulting, website development, database development, and desktop production that includes audio, video, and graphics.

AMAConnect understands that the best resources are the people who are involved in the organization’s daily operations. These are the people who build the technical infrastructure of the organization. So, in the near future, we will begin to provide training classes on computer applications & technologies, including maintenance and repairs.

Asian Pacific American Community Network (APA ComMNet)


Led by Asian Media Access, the Asian Pacific American Community Network (APA ComMNet) coalition has consisted of 12 community agency partners, as well as youths, parents, community leaders and stakeholders. APA ComMNet serves as a catalyst to develop and support the innovative use of network technology for the relevant needs and perspectives of Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). The APA ComMNet coalition utilizes online, interactive, digital network technology to expand community reach, and to improve health, civic and social service delivery for AAPIs. This mission has been accomplished through education, community organizing, radio broadcasting and an interactive audio/video streaming website.

Youth In Charge


Youth In Charge is the blog website that exhibits the products that youth have produced, including videos, photographs, postcards, poems, and other media and written materials on different topics and subjects. The Site welcomes participation, to critique works; and written comments, in order to inspire constructive dialog of concerned issues and improve understanding across social and geographic borders.

Adventure Ahead


This Inari weblog is part of the “Adventure Ahead “ Social Media Campaign hosted by Asian Media Access, to advance the 21st Century Skills among young people. The Campaign strengthen the impact of youth development by engaging them in learning the post-secondary opportunities and career options. Through the Weblog, Facebook, Twitter – our Campaign provides links for youth and their families with colleges, universities, trade and technical schools, scholarship agencies, career exploration centers, financial aid opportunities, oversea exchanges and other enrichment activities.

The Name – “Inari” comes from Japanese folk tale. Inari is the Japanese Goddess of Rice and Prosperity. Inari is one of the most mysterious deities of Japan, because she can be in both male and female forms. Folklores tell when there is a full moon, she/he will descend from a mountain to the rice fields, with a fox (kitsune) leading the way, to bless the harvest. She usually holds one or more of the following in Her hands: sheaf of rice, sword, or a jewel. When it’s Spring, disguising as a female, She appears like a beautiful young woman with long beautiful hair, serving as the maiden of the Spring to assist planting of the rice; Summer sees Her as the mother nurturing Her growing grain, and with the harvest in the fall, She becomes the Old Lady. AMA hopes this blog can be like Inari – as the Goddess of Nourishment, to support our youth’s future success, and is managed by AMA’s own Red Foxx as its messenger. We hope this blog can empower young people and their families with information and tips to pursue their interests, and to link them with the communities as engaged citizens.

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