This division consists of workforce training, after-school and summer programs offered to at risk youth, focusing on digital; multimedia arts and technology application/production.

This division aims at empowering Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and disadvantage youth through multimedia arts and information technology as well as increasing Asian representation in the media by highlighting the important role of media in today’s society. By exposing AAPI youth to multimedia and technology, the program encourages them to engage in public dialogues and take on leadership roles in the public sphere for the long-term harmony of the society. The program consists of a variety of training workshops teaching multimedia production skills, web site design, communication skills, leadership skills, analytical and critical thinking skills. It gives youth the confidence to excel in today’s society. The goals of the Multimedia Education Division are:

  • to encourage AAPI and disadvantage youth, particularly those from low-income families and with immigrant backgrounds, to pursue higher education and alternative career choices.
  • to provide AAPI role models and mentors to AAPI and disadvantage youth.
  • to provide youth with multimedia and technology training, as well as analytical skills and self-reliance.
  • to foster personal and cultural pride in a non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere.
  • to build AAPIs perspectives in the multimedia and information technology fields which have been historically neglected and misrepresented.
  • to increase understanding of AAPI diversity within our own community and the rest of the society.


Youth Media Force Media Camp Project P.H.U.N

Youth Media Force

Youth Media Force is a group of teens dedicated to utilize multimedia to have their voices heard, who meet every Thurs night 6-9pm to take on leadership to dramatically increasing media products among disadvantaged youth and fostering collaboration.

The overall goals of the Project are to:

  • Raise awareness on youth concerned issues among their own peers through multimedia, such as: Bullying, Obesity, Substance Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy, and Violence;
  • Teach and improve the youths’ life skills needed to recognize and resist bad influences; and
  • Improve community-wide collaboration to provide better bicultural healthy living strategies, especially for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community
Annual Multimedia and Leadership Camp for Disadvantaged Youth

Every Fall, usually mid-late October during MN Conference for Educator weekend, AMA hosts the Multimedia and Leadership Camp for Disadvantaged Youth, targeting disadvantaged youth aged 14 to 19. This four-day program provides high school students with hands-on training in the areas of Journalistic Writing, Radio and Video Production, and Editing. Students will form groups and collaborate on their final project on an issue of their choice. Together with the help of the instructors, the youth eventually made use of their newly trained skills by focusing on a topic with which to make a video and photography gallery web site.

Also, the teens took part in a refugee experience exercise. This activity showed them how refugees from other countries endure various ordeals to escape from their country and immigrate to the United States. This exercise touched the teens deeply, youth commented, “I cried because I felt really, really bad for the people who actually went through this. I can imagine their pain of losing their loved ones. It just struck me as reality that…why I’m here…is because of my ancestors.” Asian Media Access’ Camp provides an opportunity for teens to learn and utilize multimedia production skills to better their community as well as themselves.
Media Quotes
“This has been an incredible week, having an experience of a life time…I now, truly understand and experience the stresses that Jackie Chan went through…” – Kenny Lee, Mounds Park Academy

“…thank you, Asian Media Access, for having the Video Arts Training Program…It was an exciting, educational experience for me that really made my summer this year…” – John Yick, Robbinsdale Cooper High School

“We all wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience what being in the media is like…It’s an experience we’ll remember and definitely want to do again…” – Media Camp participants.

“The Media Camp really gives these young people a sense of pride…”- Jean Braun, Language Arts Teacher, Burnsville High School

Project P.H.U.N. (Positively Healthy Youth Network)

“PHUN” (Positively Healthy U Network) Initiative serves the needs of at-risk youth, with a special focus on Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) students at the poorest neighborhoods in North Minneapolis, MN. This project is funded through MN Dept of Education, 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.

The process of international relocation creates massive changes and as a young refugee, the added pressures, experienced simultaneously, of a new language/culture, meeting high expectations of parents, strict family orders, fitting into their peer group, economic hardship/poverty, all become an extraordinary feat to overcome, along with different life style in the US, which is potentially stress-producing, leading to lower academic performance.

Thus, PHUN Initiative will strengthen the Vision of 21st Century Learning, provide wide range of high-quality enrichment opportunities designed to complement the regular academic programs for participants during after-school, evenings, weekends, and summer, to reach following goals:
Goal #1: Increase participants’ opportunities to develop bi-cultural leadership and learn/apply 21st Century skills to their surroundings;
Goal #2: Increase school, family and community connected-ness of participants; and
Goal #3: Increase the academic performance of participating students.

P.H.U.N. has offered after-school activities that cover 6 areas that support the youth comprehensive development. These 6 essential elements are:
Academic Support/Academic Enrichment: through our “A+ Club”, AMA provides Math/Reading tutoring in a fun and interactive way to inspire students’ interests;

  1. Arts and Culture: through our “Access to Arts” program, we collaborate with Hennepin Theater Trust to provide free tickets for low-income students to high quality performing arts programs;
  2. Health, Fitness and Nutrition: through our collaboration with “Iny Asian Dance Theater,” we provide Acrobatics, Asian Dance and Martial Arts Training to low income Asian students;
  3. Life Skills: through our “StandUpPartipate” program, we provide “Financial 101”, Substance Abuse Prevention Training, along with community service learning opportunities;
  4. Youth Leadership: through our “Youth Media Force” Program, we provide multimedia production training and leadership development workshops, to support young Asian Americans to voice out their concerns through media, along with summer employment opportunities; and lastly
  5. Readiness for the Future: through our “Adventure Ahead” program, which is designed to support middle school students transitioning into high schools, high school youth transitioning to colleges, along with work-readiness workshops.