AMA has been a pioneer in bringing in Asian films to American audiences. Our regular exhibition programs include “Cinema With Passion”; annual “Chinese Film Showcase”; “Asian Funniest Commercials”; and “Asian Children’s Film Festival”.

Utilizing film as a means to education and entertainment, Asian Media Access (AMA) has developed a variety of innovative outreach activities with Asian films. AMA’s Multimedia Exhibition Program aims at increasing cultural understanding and facilitating community expression and development. Through diverse film/video exhibition programming with a variety of educational events and workshops, AMA brings to the public many artistically acclaimed Asian films that have not been seen by U.S. audiences, thus enriching them with the cinematic representation of diverse Asian cultures and themes.


Film/Video Exhibition Film Distribution Stage Performance

Film/Video Exhibition

AMA’s innovative outreach activities include using film as a tool for promoting inter-ethnic communication among local Asian American populations. AMA’s film exhibition programs include: Asian American Multimedia Showcase; Cinema With Passion Film Series; Chinese Film Showcase; and Asian Children Film Festival.
Please refer to following links for more information:

  • Chinese Film Showcase
  • Asian Children Film Festival
  • Cinema With Passion Series
  • Contemporary Japanese Film
  • Contemporary Korean Film
  • Wong Kar-wai at the End of Time
Film Distribution

Through film distribution, AMA has also discovered that film is one of the best mediums to achieve our goal of promoting Asian arts and cultures. These films are very popular with art houses and higher educational institutions especially East Asian Studies, cultural anthropology, production and film studies departments.

Please refer to following links for more information on: Available 35mm Film prints.

Stage Performance

In Collaboration with Iny Asian Dance Theater, and Pan Asian Arts Alliance, Asian Media Access has produced stage works since 2004. Asian Media Access has continuously collaborated with talented AAPI artists to present newly created theatrical works with diverse styles, range from Musical, Dance Drama and Multi-media works, which mixed with music, dances, videos, slides, and theater to portray urban youth’s issues. Throughout these years, AMA has successfully built a platform through multi-disciplinary performances to exchange and inspire positive dialogues and interweave of diverse cultures. AMA has an unique role in the process, besides serving as major creator of these works, but also as a facilitator to invite Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) youth and artists’ collaboration, working together as ensemble, to create performing arts projects that reflect AAPI perspectives. Theater Performances like – “The Story of the Temple Street”, premiered at 2004 Fringe Festival, which portrayed an immigrant family’s struggle to make the ends meet, and the Asian American teens’ frustration of getting caught between cultures. Then the 2005 Fringe Festival – “Shanghai Extravaganza” was another success, which reflected the Pan Asian elderly’s memories of homelands, before they migrated to US. Since then, AMA has presented one new work a year, most of them are Musicals, ranging from 1940’s Shanghai music and dances to modern hip hop and street dances. The latest – “YIYUSA” (Youth International Youth USA) dance drama, based on ancient folklore, but mixed with contemporary Asian fusion dances. These new works are presented through various visual styles, the color, lighting and tempo within scenes fluctuate between sitcom-like paces. The disparities in the flow of time in these different realms reflect the contradictions that make up the everyday lives of immigrant families: old world vs. new world, traditions vs. youthful pop culture and family vs. individualism. It is purposefully to design such contradictions that infuse the lives of urban youth from immigrant families.
Our writer/producer – Ange Hwang has more than 20 years + experience in Theater and Media Artist. Mrs. Hwang has received an MA degree of University of Iowa, Theater Arts, currently as Artistic Director of Asian Media Access, and has produced/directed/written 30+ plays and musicals. Mrs. Hwang feels a sense of urgency that many theatrical works lacked the heart, the rhythm, and melodic and harmonic structure, but most of all, the story of immigrants, not just Asian or American, but bi-cultural Asian American spirits. She starts to write plays and musicals to reflect the culture and story of the unique Asian American community. She finds it a necessity to create works for the ever-growing bi-cultural teens, and honor their experience, so they can better appreciate their roots.

Please refer to following links for more information on:

  • 2014 – YIYUSA MN’s and Asia’s Tour Performances
  • 2013 – YIYUSA (Youth International Youth USA)
  • 2011 – Longing for Qeej
  • 2010 – Zaub Tsuag (Boiled Vegetables)
  • 2009 – Four Winds
  • 2008 – Returns of the Medusa’s Riddle
  • 2007 – Medusa’s Riddle
  • 2006 – Dragon Odyssey
  • 2005 – Shanghai Extravaganza
  • 2004 – Story of the Temple Street