AMA has produced a variety of educational video and television programs. Through these productions, we bring to the communities important messages and inspiring discussion. Our past and current productions include, “East Meets West”; “Helping Youth Succeed”; “Compulsive Gambling Educational Video”; and various Public Education Media Campaigns.

CURRENT PROGRAMS: ENACT Bicultural Healthy Living Project MINT RadioASIA

ENACT (Educate and Network between AAPIs and Community-Policing with Training)

Funded by COPS office, Asian Media Access has worked to create educational videos and curriculums to support the better understanding between the law enforcement agencies and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. ENACT (Educate and Network between AAPIs and Community-Policing with Training/ Technical Assistance) Initiative will develop innovative community policing strategies; to building mutual trust and respect between law enforcement and the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, in order to effectively combat the drug war. The Initiative is designed as 2 tiers of focus: Organizational Transformation through Collaboration and Problem Solving through Communication. Consistent with community policing approaches to Meth and Drug-related Violence reduction, law enforcement and AAPI community agencies collaborate together to develop nationwide partnerships to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the Initiative. Both communities will also support each other’s problem solving through exchanging of knowledge of AAPI cultural traits, different communication styles and operations of law enforcement.
Under such philosophies, Asian Media Access has successfully developed 2 curriculums, and will host nation-wide training for law enforcement officers and AAPI community members.

  • Curriculum 1 – Enhance Your Cultural Competency: Learn about AAPI Communication Styles, targeting police officers to better understand AAPI communication style, to avoid further misconducts.
  • Curriculum 2 – Introduction of Community-Policing Strategies to AAPI Community, targeting Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community about the issues that may cause law enforcement agencies to get involved in their communities, even if non-intentional violations. More importantly, it is designed to educate the AAPI community on how to better interact and communicate with law enforcement agencies so the communities are better served, policed, and safer for everyone.

Bicultural Healthy Living Public Education Campaign
Funded by General Mills and Target Foundations, Asian Media Access has taken the leadership to develop a comprehensive strategy to assist Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to better understand how traditional/Eastern cultural philosophies can be incorporated into the modern/Western practices to develop bicultural attitudes, and to utilize such cultural pride to combat the academic, environmental, and health disparities existing among people of color.
As a continuous Media Campaign, our strategies will integrate through following goals:
Increasing availability of bicultural and linguistic appropriate educational materials designed for use in target AAPI communities;
Changing individual behaviors and environmental policies to utilize more bicultural approaches at all levels to cerate better understanding how people of color and mainstream agencies can work together to reduce the the academic, environmental, and health disparities
Bicultural Healthy Living Campaign materials include:

  • 1 Brochure
  • 1 Poster
  • 13 Postcards

Please refer to www.youthincharge.org web blog and AMA’s youtube page for more creations.

Project MINT (Minority Initiative No Tobacco)
Funded by Office of Minority Health, led by Asian Media Access, Multi-Cultural Community Network (MCCN) coalition proposes the Project MINT (Minority Initiative for “No Tobacco”) to promote tobacco prevention and smoking cessation among Pan African and Pan Asian youth, ages of 11 – 26 years old, including young women ages 13- 26 while child bearing age in MN. The collaboration partners includes – Asian Media Access (AMA), Chinese Social Service Center (CSSC), Hmong International Academy (HIA), MN Dept of Health/Refugee Health Division (MDH), R.I.C.E. (Reaching Immigrants with Care and Education), and Somali Community Resettlement Services (SCRS).

According to the recent published Minnesota State Epidemiological Profile, which was created to summarize and characterize consumption patterns and consequences related to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) in Minnesota, it has clearly indicated although the mainstream students’ usage of substance continue to decrease, but the students of color are in the reverse trend of increasing substance usage. Therefore, the proposed Project MINT will focus on evidence-based smoking cessation/prevention strategies targeting Pan African and Pan Asian youth, through tobacco/second-hand smoke prevention media campaign.
Youth have successfully produced:

  1. Flash Mob activity to call all youth to join the Project MINT initiative;
  2. Anti-Tobacco PSAs
  3. 35 tobacco prevention brochures and postcards

Please refer to www.youthincharge.org web blog and AMA youtube page for more creations.